About us


The Soroca Business Incubator is a public institution, a business center, that provides permanent support to the entrepreneurs in the region, in order to develop their businesses, constantly creating new jobs, which will inevitably lead to a significant and sustainable increase of the livelihoods of the people in Soroca.

The Soroca Business Incubator aims to become an important decision factor in the region, a centre of continous training and consultancy, of analysis and expertise, providing services not only for the business environment, but also for the financial sector and the public authorities in the region.


Soroca Business Incubator supports the novice entrepreneurs in the region, offering its residents free trainings in the areas of interest for the their practical activity, advice in solving the problems they face, as well as providing them with the infrastructure for a better development of their business.

Strategic objectives

In order to achieve its mission, the Soroca Business Incubator has set the following objectives:

  • To create, maintain and develop a business environment where every entrepreneur will have a word to say, where he will easily find business partners, customers and expert advice.
  • To promote and support the implementation of innovative business ideas for the region.
  • To promote and support entrepreneurial initiatives of young people by providing them the complete set of available services.
  • To promote and support entrepreneurial initiative of woman and girls n the region, in order to prevent their departure abroad which, in the long run, will prevent the decrease of the birth rate.
  • To increase the number of jobs that will lead to the economic growth in the region.