In IAS (Soroca Business Incubator), the entrepreneurs can benefit from the services even without being a resident. Our goal is to attract people with interesting business ideas that could bring them profit, and in long term – to create more jobs in the region.

Pre-incubation phase

You have money and you would want to invest in a business, but you don't know where to start? Or, you have a business idea, but you don't have enough money for equipment? Maybe you already have a business, but you don't know what to do in order to earn more money?

At this stage, which, in IAS, is conventionally called the pre-incubation phase, Soroca Business Incubator has a set of services from which you will benefit before becoming a member of the incubator (resident).

List of services:
  • - Evaluation of the business idea
  • - Estimation of the needed investments
  • - Creation of the market supply
  • - Market research
  • - Financial risk assessment
  • - Estimation of costs (administrative, operational, etc.)
  • - Legal advisory
  • - Useful tips on selecting the legal and organization form

Incubation phase

All these services will help you to become a resident of IAS. As a company housed in our office, you will have the following benefits - services we offer to residents:

  • - Individual consultancy
  • - Training courses in business
  • - Access to finance
  • - Access to database of potential customers
  • - Facilitation of establishing local, regional and national partnerships
  • - Direct contacts
  • - Technical assistance

In addition, in order to facilitate the development of the residents within the Incubator, companies are provided with production spaces and modern services at lower prices than in the city. They are helped to obtain credits. In the incubator, the entrepreneurs have free access to the conference room and the opportunity to establish lasting relations with the business and government representatives (networking). Entrepreneurs can work within the incubator for up to three years. This is considered the period, during which the newly created companies manage to stabilize their positions on the market.

Post-incubation phase

After a period of three years, when the entrepreneurs have been helped to build their managerial skills, to establish partnerships with other companies, when there are no more hazards that cannot be overcome, the residents leave the Incubator.

These companies are further supported through the following services that are available for them:
  • - Technical assistance
  • - Individual consultancy
  • - Access to finance
  • - Access to the database of potential customers
  • - Direct contacts

At the same time, graduate companies may require the Incubator's conference room at a lower price, may require different types of trainings, which will be coordinated with the IAS manager and the experts from Entranse.